ONTD Nonuglies

Beautiful People of ONTD

Beautiful People of ONTD
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A rating community for the members of ONTD
Good ol' ONTD, known for its snarky, bitchy, and demeaning commentary. We're here to take that commentary to another level. ONTD Nonuglies is a rating community for members of said popular gossip community. Unlike most rating communities, though only stamped members may vote, we allow and encourage everyone to comment. Tired of getting asked how hot you are when you call Britney ugly? Get stamped and have automatic superiority in any ONTD related circumstance. This community is for the best looking members and as a result we're very picky!

Application rules:
1. Post at least 5 clear pictures of yourself. Angles and photoshop to a minimum, we only vote on what you really look like.
2. Your ASL and a little blurb about yourself will usually suffice. We don't have surveys for a reason.
3. Write "Application" as the subject when applying.
4. Wait a few days for members to vote. When votes are counted you'll get an accepted or rejected stamp.
5. Don't be a pussy and delete your post just because people think you're ugly.
6. If rejected you can apply again in 2 weeks.
7. You must be a member of ONTD to apply.

Community rules:
1. Everyone can comment but only stamped members vote. Unstamped voting will result in a ban.
2. Stamped members write "yes" or "no" as the subject when voting.
3. Stamped members write "stamped" as the subect when posting. Unstamped members can't make posts unless applying.
4. Any nudity or NSFW must be behind an lj-cut, must have a warning, and MUST be 18+.
5. Don't post your new Facebook album if you aren't lj-cutting. A few pictures without is OK but don't be an asshole.
6. If the mods think you're being too big of a douchebag they'll ban your dumb ass. The line is small but don't cross it.
7. Don't post pictures of people from LJ that aren't you. Doing so could result in a ban.
8. Troll too much and the rules will change.

Expect to get your feelings hurt if you apply. The comments here are from the same people commenting in ONTD except here they're worse because it's personal and coming from ridiculously good looking people. You were warned!